And More Thanks to All

Pictures of the Glastonbury site post-event have prompted us to write to thank you all for leaving Cleeve Hill in a pristine state on Sunday. Apart from a few bits of shoe tape, we found no rubbish at all in the parking/camping field, and a few safety pins and bits and pieces in the marquee. We took away one small bag of cups and bottles and other recycling stuff, and that was all. Clearing up other people’s rubbish is one of the most distasteful aspects of organising large events, and the fact that generally speaking we as orienteering event organisers seldom have much to do is a credit to you as responsible competitors. It is also an invaluable aid to ensuring that we maintain the goodwill of landowners and all the other authorities with whom we have to deal for access.

Thanks to All

NGOC would like to thank the traders, CompassPoint and Tom’s Burger Van, and of course Bespoke Brewery, for taking the time and effort to come to Cleeve Hill for a relatively small event. Since NGOC, jointly with BOK, last organised the Harvester in 1999 the number of teams entering has fallen steadily from over 80 back then, to 40 this year, and if this trend continues, it is unlikely that any traders will consider it worth their while to attend. We are grateful to Tom, Julie and Rick for helping us to maintain the character of the Harvester as a level B event. We hope that more clubs will put together teams for next year’s race,and so help to make it worthwhile for traders to support it.

Lost Property

We have two items of lost property:

  • A medium size OMM jacket, black with orange lining
  • A map of an area a long way from Cleeve Hill, deposited in the used maps box at the end of a lap, presumably in place of the runner’s event map. We trust the map seemingly retained through this little deception was so for some other reason than to gain competitive advantage!

please email the organiser to arrange the return of the jacket. The map has gone in the bin.

CompassPoint Unable to Attend

We have heard today that regrettably Compass Point will not now be able to make it to Cleeve Hill for the Harvester, due to problems with their vehicle. We hope this does not cause too many problems for those hoping to run in a new pair of shoes, or whatever.


Don’t forget the Harvester quiz! The start time has been delayed by half an hour and is now programmed to be 8.30 on Saturday evening, to allow plenty of time for people to arrive beforehand, and grab a bite to eat. It will finish around 10.15pm, giving an hour to spare before the first lap runners are called up. The entry fee will be £5 per team, but we will restrict teams to 5 people maximum. There will be cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places – the winners will receive £50!

The field has been mown, it’s well drained and dry, despite recent heavy rain, and was perfect yesterday morning when the toilets were delivered (not at all like the pictures of Glastonbury on the television!). The clue is in the name: Dryfield Farm!Thefield

Entries are now Closed

Harvester entries are now closed, although you can still enter on the day for the NGOC Harris relay at Cranham on Saturday afternoon.

Final details will be published within the next 24 hours. There are no major changes to the details already published, but there will be some adjustments to timings and course lengths.

If you have any further queries please contact us via

Harvester Entries Closing Soon

The first closing date for cheap entries has passed, but team entries are still being accepted on Fabian4 until Sunday 19th June. Teams from only 18 clubs have entered so far, and we would like to see more clubs represented. Don’t say it’s too far to come – we already have entries fom Finland and Scotland! If your club hasn’t competed in recent years you will be eligible for the Sutton Park Trophy, which is only open to clubs on the “A” course not finshing in the top 3 in the last 5 years.

Come and join us on the evening of Saturday 25th – there’s food from Tom’s Burger Van, drinks from the Bespoke Brewery and a quiz to entertain you before you retire to your tent, ready for an early morning run!

Remember, if your club isn’t entering a team, but you’d like to run, you can put your details on the Ad Hoc entries spreadsheet.

NGOC Host Harvester 2016